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10 things most commonly disliked by cats

10 things most commonly disliked by cats

10 things most commonly disliked by cats

Many people say that they do not like cats' habits, don't they? That's because these people end up comparing them to dogs, which are completely different animals! But whoever has a cat at home knows that it is very affectionate and it only has a different way to deal with the situations.

In order to help you to get to know your cat even more, how about starting with the things they do not like?

1. Do we really have to go by car?

Only those who have tried to put a cat in the car know how it can get angry, and even get sick and vomit. Cats like to follow a routine and, when something goes wrong, it means that it must adapt itself quickly to change - which it usually can not.

Have you noticed that cats do not like sudden changes, do they? The solution is to accustom it a little, staying with it in the back seat, near the window (closed!) so it can get distracted. It is also safe to take the animal in a coop, so that no unforeseen events happen.

2. I don’t wanna move to another house!

You may be thinking that you have already known this, right? The fact is, on the contrary to what is said, that cats are not attached to the house. It's the same problem of going by car: they do not like changes!

In order to solve the problem, take your cat for a walk in the new house before moving. It is a great way to help it to get used to the new house.

3. I'm jealous

Do you know that, at the end, your cat is very jealous of you? If there is another animal at home, it keep an eye on who is getting the most attention, and may be sad if it feel it is being left aside. That is because it is necessary to divide the attention evenly among all your little friends!

4. I feel sad if they scold me

Believe it: cats can get easily disappointed! If they are scolded, they can be angry and very sad. Be affectionate with your  cat!

5. Do not touch my tummy!

Most cats feel tickling in the tummy, but they are not all of them that love the affection in this part of the body. They also do not like being forced to stay in the lap to receive affection, so wait for your cat  to look for you when it wants attention, okay?

6. Do not get me locked up...


Cats become sad and anxious if they are locked up somewhere, such as in the service area. They like to walk around the house and stay close to us!

7. ... But I do not like too much noise either!


Very agitated places, with children holding the cat in their lap all the time, also can make it go to a quiet corner!

8. I'm VERY clean


Cats are clean animals by nature and they do not like living in dirty places. Therefore, the sand box should be away from the place where it sleeps and be cleaned frequently! Without cleaning, your cat can get in touch with protozoa and parasites. In addition, it can hold the needs and even generate a health problem.

9. I do not like standing water

If your cat went to the sink and kept looking you, it was asking you to turn on the tap! This is because felines have the instinct to drink tap water, and they do not usually like standing water in the bowl. You can leave a small container with filtered water for your cat, or always fill it with fresh water!

10. Are you going to change my food again?


Sudden changes in eating habits are not good for your cat's health. If they do not like the food and they do not eat for more than 48 hours, they can present a disease such as hepatic lipidosis. That is because the food change for Max Cat should be done gradually, mixing it with the current food for 5 days.

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