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How to reduce the effects of cat allergies

How to reduce the effects of cat allergies

How to reduce the effects of cat allergies


Nobody likes to be with stuffy nose or sneezing all the time. On the other hand, everyone knows that love is not rational, so we understand perfectly when someone, even having allergies to cats, can not give up their companionship. And it is especially for these people that we have created this post!


First of all, the first thing you need to know is that allergy to cats does not come from their hair, but from their saliva and other secretions they produce and that end up fixing on their hair. Have you noticed how cats love to take their tongue bath to stay clean? It’s just like that because their saliva is found all over their bodies.


The first step in decreasing allergy, and perhaps the most difficult one, is to prohibit the cat from entering your room. This step is very important because, as it has its place, you also need to have yours. It may be difficult at first, but remember that effort is for the well-being of both. After completing the first step, all the others will be much easier!


Always wash your hands after playing with your cat or touching it, so that you avoid spreading the allergic substances around the house and to your own body - this is the second step to a life with less sneezing. Another important suggestion is to keep the house always clean using a vacuum cleaner on the sofa, carpets and other furniture. And if you have a steam cleaning machine at home, use it excessively! Do not forget to leave the windows open for air to circulate whenever it’s possible.


The last suggestion is to wash all bedding at least twice a month with hot water. After all, we know that from time to time the rules must be broken. But only once in a while!


By following these basic steps, living with cats will be much easier!

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