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Tick-borne disease in dogs - How to treat it?

Tick-borne disease in dogs - How to treat it?

Caring for your dog's health is very important and it should be done every day, offering a good dog food, walking every day, giving it much attention and affection and observing any behavioral changes that it may have.


Here the issue is the dreaded tick-borne disease. You will be able to check the existing types, ways of prevention, symptoms and treatment for the disease.


The tick-borne can transmit two different diseases: Ehrlichiosis and Babesiosis. Both are known as tick-borne disease, but they have differences.


Ehrlichiosis is a common infectious disease in which there is destruction of the animal's white blood cells. Babesiosis, on the contrary, attacks the red blood cells of the dog and the parasite is a protozoan, Babesia ssp.



The two ways of the tick-borne disease still do not have a vaccine, so the best way to prevent it is to keep tick-borne away from your dog.

Keep the room where it lives de-wormed, keep the grass of the garden always short and deworming the dog with sprays, baths, anti-parasite collars and powders.


The best prevention is to keep dogs in clean places and away from contact with tick-borne. The use of acaricides in the place where they live or even the use of "pour on" acaricides kind, that can be applied directly in the animals, may be necessary to keep your friend safe.


The symptoms of the two diseases are very similar, including:

- Fever;

- Apathy;

- Pallid or yellowish mucous membranes;

- Muscular weakness;

- Weight loss;

- Dehydration;

- Lack of appetite;

- Vomiting;

- Abdominal pain;

- Anemia.



In order to achieve complete healing of the animal, it is essential to do the treatment as soon as the symptoms appear, so it is very important to take it to the vet as soon as you notice any change in its behavior.


Babesiosis is treated with piroplasmicides, which destroy the parasite. Other complications may arise from the disease, and then each one should be treated separately.


Erythritis is treated with antibiotics and other medications. It may also be necessary to do the treatment with serum and blood transfusion.


In order to protect your dog's immune system, always give him a lot of love and affection, fresh and clean water and a dog food made with top quality ingredients and suitable for its age and size.


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