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Ideal amount of dog food

Ideal amount of dog food


The ideal amount of dog food is variable. It depends on the size, age and physical activity level of your animal. It is essential to look for the best foods on the market, as your little friend needs a balanced diet for dogs.

The dog food provides to your dog all the specific nutrients for each phase of its life. With Max Total Alimentos, you find a wide variety of food and avoid that serious diseases reach your friend, such as canine obesity.

Ideal amount of dog food for puppies

The choice of the amount of food for puppies is essential for helping dogs in their growth. When our little friends are puppies, it is necessary to offer a puppy dog food 3 to 4 times a day. Over time, they will eat fewer times a day. So, you should decrease the number of meals of your little friend little by little.

Max Total AlimentosThe ideal amount of food also changes according to the type of food. Here you can find Max Chicken, which is produced for animals between the 28th day of life and 12 months (small breeds), 28th day and 14 months (medium breeds) and 28th day and 18 months (large breeds).

You must give that food according to the weight of your friend. If it weighs between 2.2 and 4.3 kg and is up to 80 days of life, you should offer 83 to 138 grams of food. And the measure is altering, according to the table below:

Dog's Weight (kg)

Up to 80 days

From 80 to 180 days

From 180 days to 1 year

2.2 - 4.3

83 - 138 g

73 - 120 g

62 - 103 g

4.3 - 6.7

138 - 192 g

120 - 168 g

103 - 144 g

6.7 - 12.5

192 - 306 g

168 - 268 g

144 - 230 g

12.5 - 23

306 - 484  g

268 - 423 g

230 - 363 g

23 - 29.3

484 - 580 g

423 - 507 g

363 - 435 g

Ideal amount of dog food for adults

Adult dog food is essential for your great friend. In order to continue taking care of its food, when your little dog is older than 1 year, you must provide the food and the specific amount for it. It is important to remember, too, according to the dog's size.

Max Total AlimentosYou will find a large series of Max foods for adult dogs and also food for older dogs. One of the Max foods that dogs love is Max Selection, which is totally innovative for the canine world.

If you are going to give Max Selection to your friend, you should follow the table of quantity and weight, and remember: do not mix it with homemade food, because the Max Total Alimentos food provides all the essential nutrients to your friend.

Dog's Weight (kg)

Daily Amount

3.5 - 7

78 - 131 g

7 - 13.5

131 - 214 g

13.5 - 22

214 - 309 g

22 - 38

309 - 465 g

38 - 48.5

465 - 559 g

Get to know the Max new lines of dog food

Each dog is unique and has charming features that conquer our lives. The Max family understands this and presents a complete line of food for dogs that have been developed to specifically meet the needs of each animal. Get to know each one of them and choose the one that best fits your little one:

Max Special Premium: a variety of flavors in the dog foods

Max Total Alimentos


The Max Special Premium line of dog food is perfect for those who look for a tasty food with a variety of flavors that will make all your friends' meals even more special.

Max Professional Line: food with no dyes and artificial flavors

Max Total Alimentos


This option is for those who look for a dog food with no artificial colors and flavorings.

Max Soft Croc: dog food with different textures

Max Total Alimentos


Max Soft Croc is a canine food with soft and crunchy particles that provide a delicious experience to the dog. The mixture of textures combined with the irresistible flavors will make your little one fall in love with it.


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