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TOTAL Brand Relaunch

TOTAL Brand Relaunch

Our motivation to grow and continue innovating is the same as when we started.

Evolving, innovating, and expanding to new markets and new countries are features that have always been part of our ambitions, and we will keep with that. Although the time brings us maturity and experience, the initial motivations remain with us, encouraging us to be even bigger and fostering our constant process of innovation.

Our brands were born to offer high food quality and palatability to the pets, and our mission has always been to satisfy the highest customer expectations (pets and humans) and partners, nurturing a relationship of trust and, above all, respect.

We are advancing in 2020 and, therefore, we relaunched the "Total" brand in a new strategy that gives more strength and independence to our product brands. That is a natural path of evolution for those who have, in essence, the yearning for innovation and modernity. Simple, minimalist, and more coherent with today's consumer, this brand redesign highlights our modernity and personality, just like the personality of the animals we love so much.

To change means to affirm our essence of restlessness and innovation. Feelings that are part of our principles and that helped us building brands like Max, Equilibrio, Naturalis, Nero, and others that have become important to the animals, their tutors, and for pet shops spread throughout Brazil and over 40 countries. Looking to the future, we have built a path to keep improving in a continuous process, with no endpoint. This longevity that we seek so badly guides the investments and the presentation of the brands, and more: it is the basis of the concern with the quality of life of dogs and cats that our unique products and formulas help to feed, to nourish, and to care.


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